Sheet Membrane: Membranes of this type generally can be applied directly to your substrate


  • Uniform thickness: Because sheet membrane comes in ready-to-apply rolls, it guarantees an even thickness across all spaces you use it on.
  • Know exactly how much space it will cover: Sheet membrane has a predetermined coverage allowance, according to how much is included per roll. Given its consistent size/thickness, it is not subject to over or underuse like liquid membrane can be.
  • Highly resilient: Sheet membrane is ideal for high-traffic areas because it holds up well against constant traffic.


  • Not made specifically to fit certain areas: Sheet membrane must be cut and pieced together to suit the size of your space.
  • Require special attention to seams: Given the fact that you are combining differently sized sheets, you must carefully seal the seams between each sheet to keep water from penetrating any unsealed area.